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HRV/Air Exchanger Cleaning

HRV/Air Exchanger Cleaning with a Difference, From DeepClean NL

For HRV/Air Exchanger cleaning look no further than our experts. With second to none home ventilation services from DeepClean NL your home can have optimum air quality, all year long. Your HVR/Air Exchanger unit works hard to maintain a steady humidity in your home, additionally filtering the air to make it safe and clean for your family.

Over time it's likely a build up of grease, dust, dirt, grime – and even occasionally pooling water – can lead to poor performance, leaking, dripping, bad smells and cold spots in your home. All of this can be solved with regular maintenance from the most trusted heat recovery ventilator cleaning company in St. John's!

Our HRV/Air Exchanger Cleaning Service includes:

  • Manufacturer compliant cleaning ensuring the safety of your unit.

  • System inspection to find out where the issue may be arising.

  • Removal and scrubbing of the filters and core parts.

  • Main housing cleaning.

  • Condensate drain line flush or replacement.

  • Defrosting cycle testing and air sensor inspection for wear or damage.

  • Air flow check throughout your home and re-balance if required.

  • Cleaning of the ceiling and/or wall vent covers.

  • Inspection of the outdoor vent covers and cleaning if required.

  • Consultation with the home owners about the system’s proper settings, care, limitations and use – so you know how to keep your clean HRV/air exchanger system running at peak performance even without us.

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