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Ductless Mini split Heat Pump Cleaning

Immaculate Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Cleaning, From DeepClean NL

Annual Mini Split Heat Pump cleaning ensures better air quality to your home, prevents the build up of harmful bacteria or algae and stops mold from developing in your system. Better yet, it restores your unit to optimal performance – so if your mini split is acting up, it may just need a thorough deep clean.

We provide ductless mini split heat pump cleaning services in and around St. John's and have over a decade of experience in HVAC and HRV cleaning... so you know you can trust us to provide a sparkling shine, every time!

The Process...

From dryer vent cleaning to HRV/Air Exchanger cleaning – we go out of our way to protect your homes furnishings and valuables from our non-caustic, no-fume cleaning agents – so the first thing we always do is to cover your surfaces with dust sheets to catch any cleaning solution!

Our Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Deep Clean Service for Indoor Units includes:

  • Protecting the mini split’s surroundings and electronics.

  • Removal of the filters for cleaning and sanitization.

  • Removal of the unit’s housing for cleaning and sanitization.

  • The evaporator coil cleaning and sanitization .
  • The internal barrel fan cleaning and sanitization.
  • The condensation tray cleaning and sanitization.
  • The condensate drain flushing.
  • Drying the mini split, replacing the dried parts and then testing it all to make sure it is operating flawlessly!

We also perform seasonal cleaning on outdoor mini split heat pumps where we:

  • Cleaning of the intake screens.

  • Application of our coil cleaning solution to the fins and coil to ensure smooth running throughout the colder months.

  • A reverse flush of the fins and coils to leave your mini split spotless!

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