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About DeepClean NL; Professional HVAC Cleaning in St. John’s and areas

At DeepClean NL, you’ll receive first rate and affordable cleaning and repair services for your Ductwork, Mini Split Heat Pumps, HRV- Air Exchangers, Dryer Vents and so much more.

Professionally, we’ve been in the HVAC and construction industry for well over a decade. We’re HRAI certified, enabling us to design and install home ventilation systems in both new and existing homes. We’ve also provided advice and insight to home buyers, sellers and agents during real estate transactions. We understand how these systems and appliances work, therefore we know what’s needed to properly install and maintain them, ensuring their optimal performance over time.

The Right Services

When you choose DeepClean NL, you’re receiving top quality workmanship and professional service at a justified and affordable rate.

Before cleaning mini split Heat Pumps and HRV/Air Exchangers, we ensure the work area is covered to protect your home’s walls, floors and valuable furnishings. Our cleaning equipment is specifically designed for such units to ensure your appliances are being thoroughly and safely cleaned without  compromise. Our cleaning agents are safe, non-caustic, non-fuming and biodegradable; protecting the mechanical equipment while being safe for the environment.

Installation and repairs of HRV/Air Exchangers and vents are completed using only original and/or manufacture approved replacement parts and repair techniques. This ensures the equipment is installed correctly and back to it’s original, optimal working condition. As an added benefit, we always take the time to discuss how to properly operate the home ventilation and/or heating/cooling systems, plus provide tips for optimal performance.

Providing expert HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance Service for your all your Heat Pump and Home Ventilation needs. We are here when you need HVAC services for your home!

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Why choose DeepClean NL?

Our affordable, professional HVAC services are driven by a desire to achieve perfection. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and providing certified, experience-based HVAC deep cleaning services is what we do best!

Contact us today to find out why 99% of our customers return time and time again!

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