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Importance and benefits of deep cleaning a ductless mini split heat pump

Purchasing and installing a ductless mini split heat pump is costly but it comes with increased efficiency in heating and cooling the home. This efficiencies result into accrued savings making this a smart buy. Therefore, annual deep cleaning of your ductless mini split heat pump is necessary for you to maintain this benefits.

While ductless mini-splits heat pumps are ideal with add on features, there are a few noteworthy things that most owners ignore. Although most homeowners clean the filters beneath the unit as required, deep cleaning that involves cleaning the interior housing and coil is rarely done. This results in increased risk of your home having poor air quality due to mold and dust in your mini split heat pump.

Cleaning the interior housing, coil and blower should be done at least annually just as cleaning ones furnace. This are areas where as a homeowner you may not want to access due to warranty issues and therefore require our professional assistance.

It is always advisable to refer to the manufactures recommended cleaning schedules to ensure that your system is at optimum working condition always. However, the hard to reach areas of your mini split system cannot be cleaned as easily and regularly as the rest of the system. There are important benefits of deep cleaning a ductless mini split heat pump beyond maintenance.

Who needs to deep clean their ductless mini split heat pump?

Over time, all home owners with a ductless mini split heat pump need to have it cleaned to get rid of mold and mildew from blowing into the air in your home. Depending on the frequency of use, one may need to have the cleaning done every year or after two. Some indicators to when you need to deep clean your heat pump include:

  • Presence of mildew and mold in the filters and blower
  • Increased power cost is an indicator that your heat pump is not working efficiently and may require cleaning.
  • Odor coming from the ductless mini split heat pump.

What does a ductless mini split heat pump deep clean involve?

A ductless mini split heat pump cleaning involves the use of specialized cleaning equipment and cleaners. It is recommended to use a professional so as not to void your warranty. Heat pump filters should be cleaned as part of your regular cleaning routine. However, during the deep cleaning process, filters are cleaned and inspected for traces of mini split mold.

Our professional and affordable ductless mini split heat pump cleaning service involves opening your dirty heat pump. This allow us to deep clean the interior side of the indoor unit, blower unit and wheel as well as the coil. Using a coil cleaner and specialized water sprayer, we are able to clean out built-up dirt, mildew and mold.

All our technicians are experts and understand all major brands internal wirings to ensure dirty heat pumps cleaning do not result into damage of your heating unit. How to clean a heat pump:

  • Inspection and cleaning of all easily accessible parts as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Ensuring the protection of air handler surroundings and essential electronics to avoid electrocution and short circuiting
  • Using cleaning solution to foam and deep clean the revealed parts. The use of non-toxic cleaning solution is as important as using specialized techniques and equipment to avoid damages.
  • Cleaning the coil, blower, tray and covers to ensure the dirty heat pump is clean and mildew and mold is eradicated.
  • A specialized bib system is used to collect and properly dispose of cleaning fluid. The bib ensures your walls stay clean and do not come into contact with the cleaning fluid.
  • Finally, unit drying and there-installation of parts is done. Operational testing of unit is done to ensure that the ductless mini heat pump is working efficiently.

The benefits of deep cleaning a ductless mini split heat pump

Increased performance and efficiency

Your ductless mini split heat pump losses efficiency and performance without proper maintenance. This is because of an accumulation of dust and debris within the blower unit, coil and internal housing of your heat pump. The clogging of filters with dust and dirt inside your heat pump reduces the amount of air that’s able to flow across the coil, which is where heating and cooling occurs. The reduced performance due to dirt can result in up to 25% loss in efficiency.

The major benefit of installing a ductless mini split heat pump is the reduced heat and energy loss besides being fast and easy to install. This reduction of heat and energy may be lost over time due to an accumulation of air contaminants, dust and debris. Our professional cleaning service will ensure all hard to reach spots are thoroughly cleaned using specialized tools. This will restore performance of your ductless mini split heat pump to optimum.

Decreased cost of your utility bills

Dirt or an accumulation of dust within the internal components are known to reduce the performance and efficiency of ductless mini split heat pumps. With decreased performance and efficiency, the built-up of dust and debris in the coil and blower unit result in a power bill increase. This is because your mini split heat pump has to consume more power to provide cooling or heating to your home.

Our skilled team of service providers will ensure that your system is clean and can schedule an annual cleaning calendar. A thorough cleaning of the internal units restores your ductless mini split heat pumps performance and service period. The restored performance and subsequent regular deep cleaning ensures that your utility bill does not spike.

Decreased health risk due to mold

Inadequate cleaning will also lead to an excessive build-up of air contaminants. This contaminants can be found within the units coil, blower wheel and blower unit, and internal housing. The accumulated dust and debris combined with moisture and humidity result into reduced air quality and air odors.

Water or humidity drains out of the indoor unit as air is pulled in. Sometimes, dirt and dust that is part of the sucked in air mixes with the water and creates a muddy mixture inside. If this mixture stays inside the unit all over a period of time, mold and mildew will build up. This is especially likely to occur if you run your heat pump for air conditioning.

The result of this build-up of mold and mildew in the internal housing, coils and blower wheel result in air odors. When you begin to experience slight mildew or mold smell coming from the indoor unit when the fan runs, it is time to deep clean your ductless mini split heat pumps indoor unit. In some cases, difficulty in breathing has been reported to develop due to the reduced air quality as well as flu like symptoms.

Reduced cost of part replacements

Although loss of efficiency and heat production is a major concern, replacing the internal parts of a heat pump is inconveniencing and expensive. This need to replace can be caused by freezing up or icing up especially in the summer.

Freezing up is caused by less air flowing across the coil and cold air and humidity being trapped within the indoor unit. While less air flow across the coil leads to less heat being expelled from the room due to clogged filters, freezing up could potentially damage the indoor coil. This will result in cost of replacement of parts or the unit as a whole.

Using specialized equipment, frozen grime can be cleaned out with minimal to no damage to your ductless mini split heat pump. We recommend and advise for annual checks especially after weather extremes.

Ensure the health of your loved ones

In the home, deep cleaning your ductless mini split heat pump helps you ensure the health of your loved ones. This is by mitigating against air quality related ailments such as allergies and flu like symptoms. Whereas as an owner of a ductless heat pump you clean the heat pump filters to ensure they are not clogged, dirt residue inside the housing unit, blower unit and coil is impossible to reach.

The result is air odor and mold is not removed and your efforts are reduced to nothing. For pet lovers and owners, it is important to undertake regular clean ups of the ductless mini split heat pump. This is because furs from pets can be trapped in the filters and cause allergies.

The most common symptoms that include running nose, sore and aching muscles as well as coughing clearly indicate the health risks posed by failure to deep clean the ductless heat pump. Allergies can also develop over time. This makes setting an appointment with deep clean for your dirty heat pump necessary.

The air quality of your environment is of huge importance to your health and finances. With regular maintenance of your ductless mini split heat pump, regular visits to the doctor and use of antibiotics will be significantly reduced. The efficiency of your heat pump will also be sustained for longer.

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